What We Do

We focus on activating development rather than compensating for problems.

We provide professional development programs that prioritise social and emotional development in the early years. We advocate for this work to be undertaken in relationship with a caring and attuned adult, and we believe that this work can be done early and easily.

What we do

Connection leads to cooperation, learning and development

We provide easy to learn and ‘hold in mind’ practices to activate development through creating and enhancing purposeful connections with children. Without purposeful connection, children will not be interested in what we have to offer!

Our programs focus on the unique influence a secure relational model has on a child’s development, and the natural opportunities that are presented in everyday moments to activate development, rather than compensate for problems.

Our work is informed by an evidence-based Framework that works towards four key developmental domains:

  • Emotional Literacy and Regulation
  • Social Awareness and Relationships
  • Confidence, Sense of Self and Self Worth (the internal working model)
  • Positive Mental Health (mental agility, resilience, and an ability to cope).
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Who we work with

Early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers.

Neurotypical and Neurodiverse educational facilities and staff groups.

Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, welfare and support staff.

Interested in the health, safety, and development of children.


We have received certification through:

  • The Victorian Department of Education, School Readiness Program.
  • Marte Meo International
  • The Theraplay Institute
  • Circle of Security International
  • The Australian Association of Social Workers (student)
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
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