Everyday Moments are the True Moments of Significance.

Every training and learning experience delivered by The Social & Emotional Learning Foundation is built on the same core beliefs - that training is more than a translation of knowledge. It is a connecting, reciprocal human exchange that is an opportunity to experience the power of attuned relationships.

What we do
About us

Using evidence-based workshops and expert facilitation, our programs provide professionals and parents with the empathic mindset and tangible skills needed to activate development.

We focus on activating development rather than compensating for problems.

We provide professional development programs and online parent sessions that prioritise social and emotional development in the early years. We advocate for this work to be undertaken in relationship with a caring and attuned adult, and we believe that this work can be done early and easily.

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Connect with Me provides a variety of professional development options that empowers educators to activate the social and emotional learning of children in their service. Our programs are listed on the Victorian School Readiness Menu of Evidence and have supported kindergartens and long day care services through the Kindy Uplift program in Queensland.

Our E Learning series is a comprehensive self-paced learning package that can be accessed at any time.

Our Concepts Class is a 2-hour professional development session that provides an overview of the evidence and practices to nurture and improve social and emotional development in children.

Our workshops provide an opportunity to think deeply and contribute to meaningful work in the early childhood sector.

The value of participating in coaching sessions or a coaching program has a strong evidence base.

We love to share our passion on all things social and emotional development. Book us for your next professional development day or special event.

Our Vision

To create a world in which all children are provided with healthy relational experiences in early childhood, to develop the social and emotional skills necessary for a content, balanced and healthy life.

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The evidence is clear that optimal social and emotional development in the early years leads to individual and collective positive outcomes.

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