Empowering Educators to Activate Social and Emotional Learning: Real-World Testimonials That Showcase the Impact of Our Programs.

Tracey and Seona have been supporting Journey Early Learning Group with evidence-based practices to nurture and activate social and emotional development in children across our network of Centres. This learning is empowering our educators as they prioritise caring, empathetic and attuned relationships and are gaining a deeper understanding into the importance of their role in supporting the development children’s social and emotional development and life-long learning.

In addition to our cross-organisation work, The SELF are a first point of contact for us when Centres need additional assistance in supporting the overall inclusion and wellbeing of children. Their ability to be adaptable, flexible and agile in the early learning space and in meeting the needs of the educators and where they are at, has proven to be a fantastic asset in our offering to Centre Teams.

We look forward to continuing our work with Tracey and Seona as they continue to provide our educators with the tools they need to be the best educators they can be, each and every day.

Journey Early Learning: Fiona Veld-Brown, Learning and Development Manager

Our service has benefitted so much from the SELF program. Tracey and Seona are very practical and flexible; they have several different options for delivering their programs. They take the time to plan our needs, observe our program, discuss how they can support us, and then make it happen. Our educators always look forward to their mentoring sessions and I have witnessed the development in their skills. It is beautiful seeing our newly confident educators actually connecting with the children, and engaging in ways that make the children feel very supported and emotionally strong.

Imagination Garden, Amy Vasher-Cockle, Centre Manager
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