School Readiness Funding

School Readiness Funding (SRF) is a permanent and ongoing part of the Victorian kindergarten funding model.

SRF provides a range of evidence-based programs that aims to build the capacity of services, educators and families to support children’s learning and development.


Our Programs have been rigorously assessed to meet all 3 Victorian SRF categories.

  • Communication (language development)
  • Wellbeing (social and emotional)
  • Access and inclusion

We offer a variety of menu options to meet services differing goals, learning styles and budgets.

Our program appears on the Department of Education SRF Menu of Evidence like this.

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Since 2022, the Queensland State Government has been supporting over 900 kindergartens to respond to the educational and developmental needs of children through the Kindy Uplift Program.


In 2024, the program will be expanded to 2000 services including community kindergartens and long day care providers.

Kindy Uplift funding is used to respond to children’s learning and development needs through evidence-based initiatives and focuses on 5 priority areas:

  1. Social and emotional capability
  2. Physicality
  3. Thinking and responding
  4. Oral language and communication
  5. Access and inclusion.

Choose one of our professional development programs or workshops as part of your annual uplift plan to demonstrate an improvement in outcomes at your service.

Each PD or workshop is:

  • designed specifically for early childhood professionals.
  • evidence informed.
  • eligible for your Kindy Uplift plan.

For more information on how to use your kindergarten funding, please refer to the Kindy Uplift decision-making guide on the Kindy Uplift Program website.

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