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Everyday Moments are the True Moments of Significance.

At the Social & Emotional Learning Foundation, we specialise in helping parents to take charge of their child’s developmental outcomes through the practice of attunement.

Attuning to children is a way of relating that has been shown to make a difference to their overall wellbeing. Attuning requires us to notice and respond to our child’s unique needs, experiences and emotions in an understanding manner. It is deeply connected to emotional safety and stability, which is vital for social & emotional development.

Listening to our children is an important part of attunement and can be incredibly connecting, but it can also be extremely difficult when our little people are feeling overwhelmed by their BIG emotions. It can take time to learn how to attune to our child’s own unique personality and temperament

The good news? We can do this in our everyday moments.

Our evidence informed approaches are simple, easy to understand and ‘hold in mind’ practices that can be popped into your everyday moments that take place in family life.

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