How we work

We use adult learning models and modalities that assume:

  • A child’s primary attachment influences every aspect of their life.
  • The most appropriate approach to activating childhood development is through play-based interactions and activities.
  • Optimal social and emotional development is achieved through relationship.
  • Optimal social and emotional development in the child can only be achieved when the adult’s developmental needs are considered and supported.
Our programs are informed by an evidence based Learning Framework which guides the communication of six easy to understand and ‘hold in mind’ practices.

Download The SELF Learning Framework PDF

Our Interchangeable Practices are founded on Marte Meo methods of supportive communication, principles of Theraplay and group purposeful play, attachment and relational development principles.

Download The SELF Practices PDF

Our Learning Framework supports the achievement of the five learning and development outcomes outlined in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Our Learning Framework also aligns with the five developmental domains that are the focus of the Australian Early Childhood Census (AEDC).

Download The SELF AEDC / VEYLDF Outcomes PDF

Marte Meo

Marte Meo originated from the Netherlands in the 1970’s and is now practiced around the globe as a method of supportive communication.

Marte Meo captures the moment to moment interactions between an adult and a child that are developmentally helpful with the use of video interaction guidance (VIG). VIG has a strong evidence base that supports its suitability to a wide range of learning styles.

It is a method of translating information between the trainer and educator and the educator and child.

Video captures the everyday moment to moment interactions that take place between adults and children. It slows everything down to micro moments and allows our brain to see, process and comprehend all the wonderful ways we are activating a child’s development. Seeing is believing!

Purposeful Play in the Early Years: Sunshine Circles®

Theraplay® uses practitioner guidance to create playful and caring child-adult interactions that foster joyful shared experiences.

These activities build attunement and understanding of each other – replicating early relationship experiences that are proven to lead to secure attachment. The interactions are personal, physical, and fun – a natural way for everyone to experience the healing power of being together.

Theraplay interactions focus on four essential qualities found in healthy parent/child relationships:

STRUCTURE: The adult, the leader in the relationship, creates organization and predictability for the child which communicates safety.

NURTURE: The adult provides caring that can calm and soothe the child in a manner that makes them feel good physically and emotionally.

ENGAGEMENT: The adult is present in a manner that the child experiences being seen, heard, felt, and accepted.

CHALLENGE: The adult supports the child in the acquisition and mastery of new skills, enhancing the child’s sense of competence and confidence

Sunshine Circles® is a group based on Theraplay® principles that focuses on the social and emotional development of children. We offer Sunshine Circles® through our Coaching services and as part of our Pedagogical Package.


  • Creating environments that are warm, nurturing, engaging, and challenging.
  • Meeting the basic needs of children through addressing their attachment needs, allowing them to explore their world.
  • Promoting warm relationships between children, adults, and peers.
  • Encouraging regulation and cooperation.
  • Engaging hard-to-reach children, and those with hyperactivity and sensory issues.
  • Bringing fun and exuberance into the lives of children.
  • Enhancing trust of others through concrete, personal and positive experiences.
  • Activating a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development.
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