The value of participating in coaching sessions or a coaching program has a strong evidence base.

Our coaching sessions often use video playback as a method to identify opportunities and techniques to activate the child’s social and emotional development.

This is an essential component to building skills and confidence in achieving best practice.

Coaching services can include:

  • A purposeful plan to meet the specific developmental needs of a child or to cater to the professional development needs of a staff group.
  • Structured ‘off the floor’ sessions to plan and practice – off the floor coaching is the time to reflect, wonder and consider practice approaches.
  • Coaching is a helpful method to value and incorporate the strengths that each educator brings.
  • Semi-structured and purposeful ‘in the moment’ sessions at your service to provide educators with opportunities to apply skills.

Coaching can be accessed independently by a service or via the Victorian School Readiness Funding page.

Helping to Achieve Your Goals

Coaching is a fun, flexible and individualised approach to real life, day to day support. We offer a flexible approach to coaching, depending on your particular service needs.

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching can assist in a range of areas including:

  • Setting goals for a child’s needs and development.
  • Reflecting and aligning practice to outcome areas Confidence building and enhancing commitment to skill development to support achievable outcomes for children.

Group Coaching

Drawing on observations, knowledge and skills from peers can produce a solid collective practice and commitment across a staff group, leading to a shift in pedagogy and morale.

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