Connect with Me Workshops

Our workshops provide an opportunity to think deeply about our everyday relational moments with our children, and the impact we can have on their development.

Get together with a group of likeminded parents and learn about moment-to-moment opportunities to activate development with the children in your lives.

We provide workshop during business hours, evenings and weekends!

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Topics Include

An introduction to regulating the Nervous System – Understanding ours and theirs:

The SELF Learning Framework explained – Developmental Domains to set you up for life.


A Practical Application of The SELF skills:

Following: Developing deep connections and regulating the nervous system through play.




A Practical Application of The SELF skills:

Positive Leading: Developing models of cooperation to build resilience.

A Practical Application of The SELF skills:

Co-Regulation: The use of self to develop our children’s emotional awareness and literacy.

A Practical Application of The SELF skills:

Lifting & Linking: Developing social skills through everyday interaction moments.

The Difference that makes a Difference – Attunement through the use of Video Interaction Guidance

Overview of Video Interaction Guidance – what is it and why does it work?

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