Who We Are

We are committed to prioritising social and emotional development throughout childhood.

Seona Murphy & Tracey Daniel

Our team is made up of dedicated and experienced advocates who hold a shared vision:

To create a world in which all children are provided with healthy relational experiences in early childhood, to develop the social and emotional skills necessary for a content, balanced and healthy life.

Our beliefs:

  • Everyday moments are the true moments of significance.
  • Every child should have access to safe relational learning.
  • Connection leads to cooperation, learning and development.
  • Social and emotional development can only take place in relationship with an attuned adult.
Our Story

We exist because social and emotional development in early childhood is the cornerstone of a stable, resilient, successful, and content human experience.

Despite this, Australia continues to have some of the highest rates of adverse mental health outcomes in the western world. The AEDC data indicates children moving from early childhood education and care into kindergarten and primary school are not ‘school ready’ with poor social and emotional competencies recorded.

There are vast amounts of research to support the link between optimal social and emotional development in the early years and optimal mental health and emotional intelligence throughout the lifespan – yet our communities continue to struggle with the economic and social costs that comes from prioritising academic achievements over emotional intelligence.

We are working to place social and emotional development on the top of the list through easy to understand and apply practices that can be used in everyday relational moments with children.

Our Experience

Our team are advocates for early relational development and look for opportunities to promote and live this each and every day.

We have over 30 years of clinical practice and experience in the practical application of a variety of modalities to work meaningfully with parents, caregivers, educators and allied health professionals to activate development through connection.

The team have specialist skills in:
  • Marte Meo Supportive Communication
  • Group Theraplay
  • Circle of Security
Our certifications include:
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate qualifications in Nursing, Social Work and Child and Family Health.
  • Accreditation with Marte Meo International – Practitioner, Therapist and Colleague.
  • Accreditation with the Theraplay Institute
  • Accreditation with Circle of Security International
Experiences that have influenced our teams approach include:
  • Frontline work in the child youth and families sector supporting vulnerable families.
  • Frontline mental health nursing.
  • Intensive dyadic work with parents of pre-school aged children, supporting attachment, enhancing connection and promoting development through a secure base relationship.
  • Consultation and training to the early childhood sector.
  • Parenthood.
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